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Version: v2.x


Favicon middleware for Fiber that ignores favicon requests or caches a provided icon in memory to improve performance by skipping disk access. User agents request favicon.ico frequently and indiscriminately, so you may wish to exclude these requests from your logs by using this middleware before your logger middleware.


This middleware is exclusively for serving the default, implicit favicon, which is GET /favicon.ico or custom favicon URL.


func New(config ...Config) fiber.Handler


Import the middleware package that is part of the Fiber web framework

import (

After you initiate your Fiber app, you can use the following possibilities:

// Initialize default config

// Or extend your config for customization
File: "./favicon.ico",
URL: "/favicon.ico",


// Config defines the config for middleware.
type Config struct {
// Next defines a function to skip this middleware when returned true.
// Optional. Default: nil
Next func(c *fiber.Ctx) bool

// File holds the path to an actual favicon that will be cached
// Optional. Default: ""
File string

// URL for favicon handler
// Optional. Default: "/favicon.ico"
URL string

// FileSystem is an optional alternate filesystem to search for the favicon in.
// An example of this could be an embedded or network filesystem
// Optional. Default: nil
FileSystem http.FileSystem

// CacheControl defines how the Cache-Control header in the response should be set
// Optional. Default: "public, max-age=31536000"
CacheControl string

Default Config

var ConfigDefault = Config{
Next: nil,
File: "",
URL: fPath,
CacheControl: "public, max-age=31536000",