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Version: v1.8.3_v1.x.x


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Pug is a template engine create by joker, to see the original syntax documentation please click here

Basic Example


include partials/header.pug

h1 #{.Title}

include partials/footer.pug


h2 Header


h2 Footer


doctype html
title Main
include ../partials/meta.pug
| {{embed}}
package main

import (


// "net/http" // embedded system

func main() {
// Create a new engine
engine := pug.New("./views", ".pug")

// Or from an embedded system
// See for examples
// engine := pug.NewFileSystem(http.Dir("./views"), ".pug")

// Pass the engine to the views
app := fiber.New(fiber.Config{
Views: engine,

app.Get("/", func(c *fiber.Ctx) error {
// Render index
return c.Render("index", fiber.Map{
"Title": "Hello, World!",

app.Get("/layout", func(c *fiber.Ctx) error {
// Render index within layouts/main
return c.Render("index", fiber.Map{
"Title": "Hello, World!",
}, "layouts/main")