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Version: rueidis_v1.x.x


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A S3 storage driver using aws/aws-sdk-go-v2.

Note: If config fields of credentials not given, credentials are using from the environment variables, ~/.aws/credentials, or EC2 instance role. If config fields of credentials given, credentials are using from config. Look at: specifying credentials

Note: Requires Go 1.19 and above

Table of Contents


func New(config ...Config) Storage
func (s *Storage) Get(key string) ([]byte, error)
func (s *Storage) Set(key string, val []byte, exp time.Duration) error
func (s *Storage) Delete(key string) error
func (s *Storage) Reset() error
func (s *Storage) Close() error
func (s *Storage) Conn() *s3.Client

// Additional useful methods.
func (s *Storage) CreateBucket(bucket string) error
func (s *Storage) DeleteBucket(bucket string) error
func (s *Storage) DeleteMany(keys ...string) error
func (s *Storage) SetWithChecksum(key string, val []byte, checksum map[types.ChecksumAlgorithm][]byte) error


S3 is tested on the 2 last Go versions with support for modules. So make sure to initialize one first if you didn't do that yet:

go mod init<user>/<repo>

And then install the s3 implementation:

go get


Import the storage package.

import ""

You can use the following possibilities to create a storage:

// Initialize default config
store := s3.New()

// Initialize custom config
store := s3.New(s3.Config{
Bucket: "my-bucket-url",
Endpoint: "my-endpoint",
Region: "my-region",
Reset: false,

Create an object with Set():

err := store.Set("my-key", []byte("my-value"))

Or, call SetWithChecksum() to create an object with checksum to ask S3 server to verify data integrity on server side:

Currently 4 algorithms are supported:

  • types.ChecksumAlgorithmCrc32 (CRC32)
  • types.ChecksumAlgorithmCrc32c (CRC32C)
  • types.ChecksumAlgorithmSha1 (SHA1)
  • types.ChecksumAlgorithmSha256 (SHA256)

For more information, see PutObjectInput.

key := "my-key"
val := []byte("my-value")

hash := sha256.New()
sha256sum := hash.Sum(nil)

// import ""
checksum = map[types.ChecksumAlgorithm][]byte{
types.ChecksumAlgorithmSha256: sha256sum,

err := store.SetWithChecksum(key, val, checksum)


// Config defines the config for storage.
type Config struct {
// S3 bucket name
Bucket string

// AWS endpoint
Endpoint string

// AWS region
Region string

// Request timeout
// Optional. Default is 0 (no timeout)
RequestTimeout time.Duration

// Reset clears any existing keys in existing Bucket
// Optional. Default is false
Reset bool

// Credentials overrides AWS access key and AWS secret access key. Not recommended.
// Optional. Default is Credentials{}
Credentials Credentials

// The maximum number of times requests that encounter retryable failures should be attempted.
// Optional. Default is 3
MaxAttempts int


type Credentials struct {
AccessKey string
SecretAccessKey string

Default Config

The default configuration lacks Bucket, Region, and Endpoint which are all required and must be overwritten:

// ConfigDefault is the default config
var ConfigDefault = Config{
Bucket: "",
Region: "",
Endpoint: "",
Credentials: Credentials{},
MaxAttempts: 3,
RequestTimeout: 0,
Reset: false,