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Version: memory_v2.x.x


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A fast Redis Storage that does auto pipelining and supports client side caching. redis/rueidis.

Note: Requires Go 1.20 and above

Table of Contents


func New(config ...Config) Storage
func (s *Storage) Get(key string) ([]byte, error)
func (s *Storage) Set(key string, val []byte, exp time.Duration) error
func (s *Storage) Delete(key string) error
func (s *Storage) Reset() error
func (s *Storage) Close() error
func (s *Storage) Conn() rueidis.Client


Rueidis is tested on the latest Go version with support for modules. So make sure to initialize one first if you didn't do that yet:

go mod init<user>/<repo>

And then install the rueidis implementation:

go get


Import the storage package.

import ""

You can use the one of the following options to create a Rueidis Storage:

// Initialize default config (localhost:6379)
store := rueidis.New()

// Initialize custom config
store := rueidis.New(rueidis.Config{
InitAddress: []string{"localhost:6380"},
Username: "",
Password: "",
Database: 0,
Reset: false,
TLSConfig: nil,

// Initialize using Rueidis URL
store := rueidis.New(rueidis.Config{
URL: "redis://localhost:6379",

// Initialize Rueidis Cluster Client
store := rueidis.New(rueidis.Config{
InitAddress: []string{":6379", ":6380"},

// Create a client with support for TLS
cer, err := tls.LoadX509KeyPair("./client.crt", "./client.key")
if err != nil {
tlsCfg := &tls.Config{
MinVersion: tls.VersionTLS12,
InsecureSkipVerify: true,
Certificates: []tls.Certificate{cer},
store = rueidis.New(rueidis.Config{
InitAddress: []string{"localhost:6380"},
Username: "<user>",
Password: "<password>",
SelectDB: 0,
TLSConfig: tlsCfg,


type Config struct {
// Server username
// Optional. Default is ""
Username string

// Server password
// Optional. Default is ""
Password string

// ClientName will execute the `CLIENT SETNAME ClientName` command for each conn.
// Optional. Default is ""
ClientName string

// URL standard format Redis URL. If this is set all other config options, InitAddress, Username, Password, ClientName, and SelectDB have no effect.
// Example: redis://<user>:<pass>@localhost:6379/<db>
// Optional. Default is ""
URL string

// SelectDB to be selected after connecting to the server.
// Optional. Default is 0
SelectDB int

// Either a single address or a seed list of host:port addresses, this enables FailoverClient and ClusterClient
// Optional. Default is []string{""}
InitAddress []string

// TLS Config to use. When set TLS will be negotiated.
// Optional. Default is nil
TLSConfig *tls.Config

// CacheSizeEachConn is redis client side cache size that bind to each TCP connection to a single redis instance.
// Optional. The default is DefaultCacheBytes: 128 * (1 << 20)
CacheSizeEachConn int

// RingScaleEachConn sets the size of the ring buffer in each connection to (2 ^ RingScaleEachConn).
// Optional. The default is RingScaleEachConn, which results into having a ring of size 2^10 for each connection.
RingScaleEachConn int

// ReadBufferEachConn is the size of the bufio.NewReaderSize for each connection, default to DefaultReadBuffer (0.5 MiB).
// Optional. The default is DefaultReadBuffer: 1 << 19
ReadBufferEachConn int

// WriteBufferEachConn is the size of the bufio.NewWriterSize for each connection, default to DefaultWriteBuffer (0.5 MiB).
// Optional. The default is DefaultWriteBuffer: 1 << 19
WriteBufferEachConn int

// BlockingPoolSize is the size of the connection pool shared by blocking commands (ex BLPOP, XREAD with BLOCK).
// Optional. The default is DefaultPoolSize: 1000
BlockingPoolSize int

// PipelineMultiplex determines how many tcp connections used to pipeline commands to one redis instance.
// Optional. The default for single and sentinel clients is 2, which means 4 connections (2^2).
PipelineMultiplex int

// DisableRetry disables retrying read-only commands under network errors
// Optional. The default is False
DisableRetry bool

// DisableCache falls back Client.DoCache/Client.DoMultiCache to Client.Do/Client.DoMulti
// Optional. The default is false
DisableCache bool

// AlwaysPipelining makes rueidis.Client always pipeline redis commands even if they are not issued concurrently.
// Optional. The default is true
AlwaysPipelining bool

// Reset clears any existing keys in existing Collection
// Optional. Default is false
Reset bool

// CacheTTL TTL
// Optional. Default is time.Minute
CacheTTL time.Duration

Default Config

var ConfigDefault = Config{
Username: "",
Password: "",
ClientName: "",
SelectDB: 0,
InitAddress: []string{""},
TLSConfig: nil,
CacheSizeEachConn: rueidis.DefaultCacheBytes,
RingScaleEachConn: rueidis.DefaultRingScale,
ReadBufferEachConn: rueidis.DefaultReadBuffer,
WriteBufferEachConn: rueidis.DefaultWriteBuffer,
BlockingPoolSize: rueidis.DefaultPoolSize,
PipelineMultiplex: 2,
DisableRetry: false,
DisableCache: false,
AlwaysPipelining: true,
Reset: false,
CacheTTL: time.Minute,