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🔎 Validation

Validator package

Fiber provides the Bind function to validate and bind request data to a struct.


import ""

type structValidator struct {
validate *validator.Validate

// Validator needs to implement the Validate method
func (v *structValidator) Validate(out any) error {
return v.validate.Struct(out)

// Setup your validator in the config
app := fiber.New(fiber.Config{
StructValidator: &structValidator{validate: validator.New()},

type User struct {
Name string `json:"name" form:"name" query:"name" validate:"required"`
Age int `json:"age" form:"age" query:"age" validate:"gte=0,lte=100"`

app.Post("/", func(c fiber.Ctx) error {
user := new(User)

// Works with all bind methods - Body, Query, Form, ...
if err := c.Bind().Body(user); err != nil { // <- here you receive the validation errors
return err

return c.JSON(user)